As a family run local business we like to come up with solutions to reduce waste. After a discussion with a client who was sick of heating up a room for no other reason apart from its was part of the heating system we carried out some research and found products available that can help eliminate this problem. By adding a new controller to the system and creating zones you can control a zone freely and easily.

  • You could make each room a zone and control each room,
  • You could create zones on floors,
  • You can create zones for multiple rooms.


Example One

you run a Bed & Breakfast, you have 8 rooms. You can make each room into a zone which allows you to turn off the heating to that room when its vacant meaning your not wasting energy heating an empty room. When the room is ready to be used you can turn the heating on. Adding an additional control in the room means the client can control the heating freely until they check out.


Example Two

The family home is only fully occupied over a weekend, the children are away, you might work away, adding zones to each room allows you to control the heating in the room, reducing the energy, meaning your only heating what is required and not burning money for a room that is empty.


Example Three

You own a venue, your function room is rarely used compared to some of the other rooms. Why heat the room when its empty,


All of the above examples can be adapted into any property type whether its the domestic or commercial market.


Your might be thinking, we could just turn off the radiator valves and it will give me the desired effect. Your absolutely correct this is an option and it would work, however you  risk leaking, you are relying on someone doing it and do you have time to physical turn them on and off?


Reduce your Energy usage and Save Money and the same time.








Looking to reduce your energy bills?