We Offer A number of service that INCLUDE:

 An example of some of the services we offer

Boiler Installation

Our expert teams are experienced in all types of boiler installation.

boiler repair

Boiler on the blink? Don’t worry our engineers are experienced to repair all boilers.

boiler service

Keeping your boiler serviced will prolong the life of your boiler. This is also a key requirement to keep your boiler in manufacturers warranty.

cp12 (landlord safety certificate)

A CP12 is a legal requirement for any landlord and must be completed every year.

bathroom installation

Our team are experienced in all aspects of bathroom installation and design. Our design service is free of charge and working with a local supplier you have the ability to choose your new bathroom, see it designed in 3D and also step into the design using the latest VR technology allowing you to see your new bathroom before its even installed.

Toilet Repair

Problem with your toilet? Our plumbers are on hand to repair most problems.

shower repair

Needing a new shower? Perhaps your current one is leaking, We can install new showers with little fuss. Perhaps your shower cubicle is leaking, no problem.

tap replacement

Thinking of replacing your taps? perhaps you have that annoying drip! Our team can replace or repair most taps.

leak repair

A leak in your house isn’t a nice feeling. Our expert plumbers are on hand to identify your leak and fix the problem.

radiator installation / upgrade

Needing a new radiator? Or thinking about changing them to something a bit more modern? All our engineers are experienced in radiator replacement.

washing machine / dishwasher installation

If you need your washing machine / dishwasher installed we can help. Weather its a like for like install or your needing a new connection.

outside taps installed

Outside taps are useful for watering the garden, washing the car even cleaning the dogs from a muddy walk. These can normally be installed with little fuss.

We Can Help You Build Your Project

Whatever your project is SwitchBoilers can help. We have experienced trades people from Gas Fitters, Plumbers, Tilers, Plasters, Joiners, Electricians and even Cleaners.